I have a great love for black and white film photography. I like its particular language, what it can do, and the challenges of shooting with it. I enjoy working in the darkroom just as much; it is a peaceful place for quiet contemplation during the slow-paced activity of processing film and prints. I do all my own work by hand from start to finish using the traditional silver process. Since graduating from the New England School of Photography in 1995, I have been exhibiting, selling, and licensing my work. I also enjoy artistic collaborations and stretching creatively to discover new ways of integrating my imagery into other projects, such as sculpture and fabric design.

For information about any of my work (seen here or elsewhere), please contact me by e-mail at info@TaraWrobel.com. Many of the photographs shown on this site are available as original prints—please inquire for specific details.

Thank you for visiting and for your interest in my work.

Tara Wrobel





These landscapes are from my most recent roamings in my home state of Maine and a little beyond. I am drawn to places of nature, but as these images show, I like to include their interactions with manmade elements, especially when the landscape is empty of people themselves. This work was shot with 35mm film and printed on fiber paper using the traditional black and white chemicals for silver prints. Actual image size of each print varies but averages around 6 by 8.5 inches.














































Photograms are made without the use of a camera or negatives. Rather, these one-of-a-kind prints are made by placing objects directly onto the photo paper and then exposing it to light. The paper is then processed in the chemicals as any other silver print. Photograms are one of my most favorite things to make, and this is my latest group. Made using flowers, ferns, and feathers, etc., the actual image size of each of these is about 6.75 by 8.75 inches.